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Dye-sublimation - technology that allows to make prints on many diffrent products like mugs, T-shirts, puzzles, Thermotransfer- prints transfer from transfer paper (laser prints, ink prints, dye-sublimation prints) to flex foil or flock.

Phenomenon of dye-sublimation printing was invented in America.This type of printing currently is applied in the whole world.
Sublimation print is one of the thermal transfer technology and based on occurrance of sublimation, i.e. transition from the gaseous phase to solid phase.

Pigments in dye-sublimation ink are transferred onto the sublimation paper in the form of solid state. Sublimation print can be performed on group of polymers which, in contact with high temperature "relax" their structure and as a result the micro pores open up. In the thermal press the pattern printed on sublimation paper converts from the solid phase to gas phase and then permeates into micro pores of polymer where they turn into solid phase and after cooling it becomes permanent.

That's how sublimation prints are done.


The best material for sublimation printing is 100% polyester /PES/. PES is durable and resistent to damages and chemicals. Laquers/polymers/ can be used to coat products during sublimation printing such as mugs. Sublimation print can be made to limited extend on materials similar to polyester etc.

Dye-sublimation fabric should be 50% polyester and 50% cotton with Cottotouch singn.This means the sublimation prints can be done on other fabrics that contain polyester and cotton resistant to high temperature up to 200º C because recommended temperature for sublimation printing is 180º C.

Thermo transfer intends to be used with low quantity of materials (one piece) low-cost of printing makes this technology more efficient than other technologies like screen printing.

Now more and more often tansfer prints are chosen as addition to embroidery or sceen printing - technic that are reserved for big series. It does not take long to prepare transfer which is a great advetage because the product can preapared and shipped in the short time. One t-shirt can be done in few minutes.