Everything for dye-sublimation in one place - About us
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Poligrafia-Szczecin Best Sub Polska Sp. z o.o. is the main importer of dye-sublimation print products.


Our motto is:


We perfectly understand the modern consumer. Willing to cater to your every need, we have built a team of experienced professionals who are always ready to provide advice and help you make the best choice.

Our company will present you with comprehensive information about the technology of dye-sublimation and provide you with the materials and equipment necessary to make sublimation prints.

We have our own warehouse, which makes it possible for us to ship goods to clients immediately. We also co-operate with a reputable courier company to secure quality of transport. All this makes the purchasing process easy, safe, and enjoyable.

Only here can you buy everything you need to make dye-sublimation prints.
We provide a constant supply of:

  • thermal transfer presses,

  • printers,

  • inks,

  • sublimation paper,

  • textiles,

  • promotional gadgets,

  • ceramics,

  • metal sheets for sublimation,

  • accessories for smartphones ... and much more.


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We also invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can find video tutorials on how to make sublimation prints and other videos related to what we do.

We work with many business partners both in Poland and other European countries.